Honey Fest

In September 2016 in Suzdal for the first time passed a new festival - Medovuha-Fest. The initiator of this, conceived as annual event in the summer of 2015 became S.Yu. Orlova, governor Vladimir region. At the preparatory meeting for the 1000th anniversary of Suzdal, she stressed the need for new events of interest to visitors. The reason, in her opinion, could be a mead, by analogy with festivals Beer in Germany, collecting a large number of tourists. Suzdal Mead is an established brand that is worthy of promotion on national level.

In 2017, Medovuha-Fest entered the Top 10 of Russia's gastronomic tours, taking in the ranking of the third line. "Hit Parade" was portal "TourStat" engaged in researching the tourism and travel market in Russia and the CIS, which motivated to hold the festival for the third time in 2018

Mead is a drink with a rich history and deep national roots. In Russia, the honey drink was first called simply "honey." He prepared by medostada ("put honey" from 5 to 20 years was fermented in those buried in the ground oak barrels). From the XI century. along with the method of medostav used method cooking, thanks to which the drink was received in a month, but honey had to be sterilized by boiling. And to the XV century. medodosta was practically displaced medovareniem. In the XIX century. there was also a new name for the national drink - mead. It was used in rituals of birth and rites. Memorials, on major family holidays, when meeting guests.

Since ancient times, Suzdal beekeepers have made mead from excess honey, passing old recipes from generation to generation. She had an unusual taste. and could have a fairly high fortress. Due to the content of honey, she It was even considered a therapeutic drink.

The industrial production of mead began in the late 1960s, when On the outskirts of Suzdal, the first honey plant appeared. In the years of "perestroika" the plant closed, but in the mid-1990s it was restored by Moscow entrepreneurs. Almost twenty years "Suzdal honey plant" is almost the only producer of mead in the central strip of Russia. He produces mead of different strength, including non-alcoholic for children. In the preparation of mead used different spices and herbal supplements - mint, linden, viburnum, raspberry, cinnamon, wild rose, juniper, pine buds and even pepper. In the tasting room in the style of the royal chambers (Trading rows), tourists can see interesting presentation with a detailed story about the history and recipe of Suzdal mead

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