Cucumber day

Cucumber Day in Suzdal - a very distinctive and so far the only holiday in Russia, dedicated to this beloved vegetable crop. It was coined in 2001. the staff of the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve is not accidental: rural farming and gardening - has long been the leading occupation of the inhabitants of Suzdal and fertile Suzdal Opole. Even in the famous work "Historical meeting about the city of Suzhdal ”, created by a Suzdal chronicler of the 18th century, the key of the Christmas Cathedral by Anania Fedorov, there is such a mention: "In the city of Judah, by the goodness of the earth and the pleasantness of the air, onions, garlic, and most often cucumbers are abundantly. " Suzdal borage and their products famous throughout the Vladimir region.

In Soviet times, the cucumber becomes literally Suzdal "breadwinner." Land near the house in Suzdal or the notorious "six hundred square meters" in a collective garden partnership is a whole enterprise for the present borage. With proper organization of sowing and good care cucumber gives a huge harvest in a small area. Suzdalians sold their wonderful cucumbers almost all over the country, remembering that "summer day - year feeds. With the development of tourism, the experience of cucumber business in Suzdal becomes special property - and for the economy, and for festive fun.

Cucumber Day is held on the third Saturday of July - time active harvest. The traditional place of celebration was Museum of wooden architecture and peasant life . But Cucumber Day is not just a local harvest festival, but a real one. an event that is celebrated in folk traditions, and attracts up to 18 thousand tourists from all over Russia, despite the fact that the population of Suzdal is about 10 thousand person. Tourists from China, Germany, Italy and other countries.

Cucumber holiday programs are very diverse, striking from year to year. visitors increasingly fiction and ingenuity. Mandatory part of the holiday - the parade of borage, not only from Suzdal, but also from other cities Vladimir region and Russia. Entire delegations come to exchange experience. cucumber business. On this day, you can try cucumbers for every taste: fresh, salty, lightly salted, fried-steamed, baked in cakes, boiled in soup and exotic jam ... Visitors are waiting for “Pickling”, "Obzhorny" and "Handicraft" ranks, where everyone can get cucumber souvenirs, get master classes in art carving on vegetables, pickling cucumbers, making ancient guardian Akila-borage. Since ancient times in Russia it was believed that this self-made doll from natural unpainted tissue preserves salted cucumbers. Her secret is in mustard seeds that protect stocks from mold. They are stuffed with a doll's head and put it in a pickle.

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